Affordable Activewear: 7 Missguided Gym Outfits for under £25

Want stylish sportswear that doesn’t break the bank? Hell yeah, you do! Lucky for you, Missguided has released their new season Active collection to help you look your best whilst working up a sweat.

Are you like me and love bragging about a bargain? There’s this little bubble of excitement inside of me that explodes when someone compliments my cheap-ass outfit and I can’t wait to tell them how much it is! Especially when the bargain I’m wearing looks hella expensive.

And that’s exactly what Missguided have done with their latest Active collection. They’ve created sportswear that looks stylish and sexy, as well as high quality, but isn’t going to slap you with guilt when you hit the ‘check out’ button.

In this blog, I’ve tried on seven different activewear outfit choices from the latest Missguided collection and reviewed each one. Read on to find out how much each set costs.

Outfit #1 – £22

Affordable activewear - missguided

Lime green ¾ length leggings: £12

Lime green plait back sports bra: £10

This is workout attire for the bold – it’s a ‘wear-to-be-seen’ outfit and that’s what I love about it. The luminous lime colour is so on-trend at the moment and it’s great to see Missguided pushing the boat out with the designs and colours for this season’s activewear. I haven’t seen any other workout clothing using this colour yet! Big up MG.

My review:

  • The bright lime colour is really vibrant (it’s even brighter in real life) and makes you look super tanned
  • The material for both the leggings and top is thick and high quality
  • The sports bra is tight with moderate support
  • The leggings are squat proof (they don’t go see-through when stretched)
  • The leggings are high waisted and synch you in at the waist and hide any ‘muffin top’ insecurities
  • The plaited straps on the sports bra are something I haven’t seen on activewear before. This is a really pretty detail

Outfit #2 – £22

Orange v front leggings: £12

Orange cross front sports bra: £10

Another brightly coloured number that’s perfect for spicing up your winter workout wardrobe. This orange activewear set is super sexy and figure flattering. Turn yourself into an actual pumpskin spice with this one. Again, Missguided have created a gorgeously unique design. There’s a ‘v’ shaped waist band on the leggings and a sports bra that dips low and crosses over.

My review:

  • The low cut of the sports bra probably isn’t ideal for any type of exercising that involves bouncing e.g running or squat jumping (unless you want a nip slip!) but down sizing would provide extra support for this
  • I love the design on the back of the sports bra – the extra exposure adds to the ‘coolness’ of this set
  • The images don’t do the amazing orange colour justice. It’s much brighter in person
  • The leggings are incredibly flattering due to them being very high waisted and v-shaped. They create more of an hour-glass illusion
  • The material on both the leggings and sports bra is thick and high quality
  • The leggings are squat proof!

Outfit #3 – £20

Black micro shorts: £10

Black crossback sports bra: £10

Since this is such a simple looking gym outfit, my initial thoughts were that it look quite boring once tried on. But with how affordable it is (just £20!!), I couldn’t resist giving it a go. To my surprise, this actually turned out to be my favourite active set out of them all and I’m not even a shorts type of person. The great thing about this set is that you can mix and match the top and shorts with other colours and even wear them as everyday wear.

My review:

  • The shorts are AMAZING. They’re the perfect length – long enough to cover any cellulite and short enough to still be cute
  • The fit of the shorts is true to size and I love that they’re not really tight and clinging to your choocha (no camel toes here)
  • The fit on the sports bra is true to size and I’d also wear this as an everyday crop top with a pair of jeans
  • The shorts are very high waisted, which makes them flattering (it’s always nice to have a little less tummy on show when your legs are exposed)
  • The cross back on the sports bra is a nice touch and makes the set a little more exciting
  • And yep, you guessed it… the shorts are squat proof!

Outfit #4 – £22

Lime snake print leggings: £12

Black cross back colour block sports bra: £10

I’m a sucker for a snake print pattern, it’s been one of my favourite trends this past year. And in this snazzy lime green colour, I love it even more. This activewear set is eye catching as well as really flattering and comfortable.

My review:

  • I love how super high waisted the leggings are, they’re even more so than others that I tried on
  • The snake print and the colour is very vibrant
  • The legging material is slinky and hugs your booty and curves which is flattering, but unfortunately the material is quite thin so they’re not squat proof
  • The sports bra is a nice design. The lime colour pops against the black and there’s plaited straps across the back of it
  • The sports bra is moderate support and high quality material

Outfit #5 – £25

Grey mono stripe leggings: £15

White cross front sports bra: £10

Less of the crazy colours, but this outfit is still just as exciting. The stripes on these leggings add a ‘wow’ factor to the monochrome. If you’re an Instagram addict, like me, you’ll know that these leggings are a budget-friendly version of the Bombshell Sportswear gym leggings, which retail at an eye-watering £70. This may be why they’re a little pricier than the other Missguided leggings I tried on, but they’re still such a bargain at only £15.

Honest review:

  • The stripes on the leggings add a ‘sporty’ look and feel
  • Again, the leggings are very high waisted and cover the stubborn lower stomach fat that us females all know too well
  • I would recommend sizing down in the leggings for a tighter fit
  • I really like the low dip, crossover design of the sports bra and the fact it can be mixed and matched with other activewear. I would even style this as a going-out top as well
  • This sports bra is thick and high quality and not see through like a lot of white lycra material
  • The leggings design is a knock off of a very pricey brand of leggings, so if you want an inexpensive version, this is a good alternative

Outfit #6 – £22

Lime green ¾ length leggings: £12

Black crossback sports bra: £10

Here I’ve paired the lime leggings with the plain black cross back sports bra. This combo is less in-your-face than the full on lime set and the colour of these pieces accompany each other perfectly. If you bought just two activewear sets from this collection you’d be getting even more bang for your buck by mixing and matching the items to create several outfits – like I’ve done here.

Outfit #7 – £22

Affordable activewear - missguided

Lime green ¾ length leggings: £12

Black cross back colour block sports bra: £10

Another outfit created using previous pieces. This one has to be one of my favourites as well. This choice of sports bra with these leggings is a little more exciting that the plain back sports bra shown previously. Looking at this set, you would never tell it was only £22 – the colours are so vibrant and the material is such high quality.

Overall, I think Missguided have really stepped up their game with their most recent Active collection. I find that the fit, designs, patterns and colours are becoming more adventurous, helping to define Missguided from their competition. Yet their prices remain low, which is brilliant. We really have no excuse for wearing boring activewear and shapeless gym outfits when there are affordable options like this!

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