Affordable Skincare: Sand & Sky Face Mask Dupes You’ll Love

Here are 6 unbelievable, budget-friendly alternatives to the much-hyped Sand & Sky Pink Clay Face Mask. Save on money, but not on quality – these cheap pink clay masks will get you the same flawless, poreless results.

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Sand & Sky face mask dupes

Pink clay masks are a must-have for any Millennials’ skincare routine right now. They’ve become a cult classic for beauty gurus for their pore-refining and skin brightening properties and the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Face Mask has been dominating the market. Last week, I shared an honest review of the Sand & Sky Face Mask  on my blog, which showed the instant and long term results I achieved by using the Sand & Sky pink clay face mask. If you haven’t read it, you need to check it out – the results will shock you.

But, as I discussed in my previous post, not everyone can guiltessly fork out a hefty £40+ for a beauty product. So, I’ve listed some cheap alternatives to the Sand & Sky face mask, which are still just as good quality.

1. Aldi – Lacura Pink Clay Mask

Let’s talk about Aldi the German supermarket celebrated for its budget-friendly goods that are shockingly good quality. Since releasing their skincare range, Lacura, Aldi have received a lot of praise from beauty gurus for their knock offs of high end beauty products. The Lacura Pink Clay Face Mask has been no different and has been flying off the shelves. The face mask has all the same benefits as the Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Face Mask, but at just a fraction of the price!

Price: £5.99


Lacura pink clay mask
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Although I’ve never tried the Lacura Pink Clay Mask myself, YouTuber ‘Rumaysa Talks’ has done a video review of the face mask that’s worth a watch! Find out whether it’s a match for the Sand & Sky version.

2. L’Oreal – Skin Experts Pure Clay Glow Mask

Price: £5.99

Source: Amazon

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Now this is a product I have tried. I kid you not, it’s one of the best face masks I’ve ever used. The Loreal Pure Clay Glow Mask is designed to brighten and exfoliate the skin. Just like the Sand & Sky pink clay face mask, this clay mask leaves my skin silky smooth, plump and glowing. The beaded, creamy texture scrubs away dead skin cells without drying you out. I use this before applying my make up before a night out because I find that it not only gives my skin a healthy glow, it also completely re-texturises my complexion, making my skin appear smoother and my pores smaller. Not to mention, it smells heavenly. It’s rated 4.5 stars on Amazon with over 600 reviews.

3. Poppy Austin – Rhassoul Clay Hair & Facial Mask

Price: £16.46

Source: Amazon

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The Rhassoul clay mask by Poppy Austin is an all-purpose cleanser that can be applied to both the face and the hair for stunning, fast-acting results. It’s 100% organic and all-natural and is designed to cleanse, detoxify, rejuvenate, exfoliate and plump up the face, whilst also acting as a hair restoration treatment. It was voted as the ‘Best Deep Pore Facial Cleanser, Blackhead Remover & Pore Minimiser’ in 2015 and has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon with over 100 reviews.

4. Caudalie – Instant Detox Mask

Price: £22

Source: LookFantastic

The Instant Detox Mask by Claudalie is designed especially for city-goers with stressed skin. It purifies the skin, treating all forms of free radical damage by drawing out impurities and toxins using its 99.3% natural clay formula. Like the Sand & Sky pink clay mask, it has the selling point of pore-tightening, evening skin tone and smoothing and re-texturising the skin. It was the winner for ‘Best Face Mask’ in the Elle Magazine International Beauty Awards 2015.

5. Face Theory – Pink Clay AHA Face Mask

Price: £14.99

Source: Face Theory

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The Pink Clay AHA Face Mask by Face Theory is a completely natural, vegan-friendly treatment mask created in the UK, that’s made from ‘microfine’ french clay and crushed walnut shells, which deliver a gentle exfoliation. It’s stuffed full of active ingredients (such as Pomegranate components also used by Sand & Sky) that are brilliant at absorbing oil from your skin, hydrating, brightening, purifying and increasing cell turnover. It’s rated 4.8 with over 50 reviews.

6. Skin Republic – Pink Clay Mud Sheet Mask

Price: £6.95

Source: Just My Look

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The Skin Republic has created a revolutionary pink clay mud sheet mask, which is convenient, mess-free and easy to apply. The pink clay sheet mask promises all of the same results at the Sand & Sky pink clay mask: it draws out impurities and dirt to unclog your pores, leaving them purified and tightened, it boosts radiance, reduces the appearance of pigmentation and leave skin feeling super smooth. It has a 5 star rating with over 30 reviews.

Sand & Sky face mask dupes

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